Does Race Exist?

Indo-Caribbean Writers

A New Global Human Order
Cheddi Jagan

The Gujarat Massacres
by Arundhati Roy

Killings Unabated Among Civilized (?) Muslims and Hindus in Gujarat, India

Desmond Tutu Speaks about Apartheid in the Holy Land

What Really Happened in Jenin?

By Gary Girdhari
Guyana Revisited – a travelogue
Cheddi B. Jagan – Father of the Nation
*Political Violence as a Consequence of Identity Crisis – A Look at Possible Solution
Guyana at the Crossroads. An Analysis of Issues. Current Problems and Suggestions
*Those Spinning Wheels and Deals in Guyana
Unbridled Globalization
The Death Penalty
The Shattered Link
*Sustainable Livelihoods – Building on the Wealth of the Poor
*Race: Does It Exist? Implications for Guyana's Future
Will We Endure the Freedom?
For the Love of Peace.
*War in the East. War in the West. Everywhere is War.
*Violence in Guyana: How Crime has Become a Pre-Occupation,
Iraq Invasion
Iraq: Are we nearer to a preemptive strike?
Reflection on Regime Change
"Civilized" Human Rights

By Gokarran Sukhdeo
Face-to-Face with Bri. Maya Tiwari
* Sustainable Livelihoods – Building on the Wealth of the Poor
Religion and Violence
Israeli Terrorism Provided The Blueprint For The Attack On The World Trade Center and The Pentagon
Not Just Prayer, but a Complete Cultural and Moral Revolution
Conflict Resolution Conference at Howard University. A Critique
* The Civil Rights Movement and Violence of the 60's
* US Trade Policy
* US Trade Policy II
The Rupununi Uprisings Revisited. Need for a Full Account

Short Stories by Richard Rupnarain
The Ides of March
* Chick Flick
* A New Year Resolution
* A Christmas Carole
* The Call of the Firerass
* Geera
* The Last Race
* A Fishy Story
* Honda Ward
* A Penny for Mrs. Ramballi
* Where is the Mutton?
* An Evening Drive Interrupted
* How Avram Stole Christmas
* Galo Gets a Visa
A Slap in the Dark
* A Vision of the Promised Land
A Day in the Whitey Tree
* A Vision of the Promised Land
I'll Take Manhattan
Babagee and the Grim Reaper
* A Pint for Mr. DeFreitas
Making an Example of Charlie
Ramu Comes Home for Christmas