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Our Purpose

The Guyana Journal (ISSN 1547-1128) focuses on Guyana and Guyanese wherever they may be. However, it is not limited in its scope to this group. It covers scholarly discourse, philosophy, religion, finance, science and technology, medicine and health, environment, opinions, children’s corner, travel, food, stories, and other areas of interests – for children and adults.

The primary objective of Guyana Journal is educational and cultural. The nature of the publication will encourage interaction with the Communities at large, and Guyanese in particular. The magazine is non political, non religious and non sectarian, although it may cover these areas in a scholarly and rational manner.

This publication will fill a void to satisfy some of the educational and cultural needs of Guyanese-American first, as well as the rest of the community.

Materials for publication will contain information based on first hand knowledge, research and empirical studies that can be substantiated. As far as possible anecdotal references will be discouraged (except in stories). All submissions will be assumed to be the original work of the author(s). Materials previously published are not generally accepted, but may be considered on a one-to-one basis. Acceptance of some articles for publication may be subject to peer review.

Diversity is encouraged, and there is room for dissent and dialogue. The views, ideas, thoughts, and other information expressed are those of the individual contributor and advertisers, and do not necessarily reflect those of Guyana Journal or its Staff. It is therefore important that all submissions be clear, accurate and unambiguous. Guyana Journal or its Staff shall not be held responsible or liable for any misleading or libelous materials published.

Essentially, we would like people, especially the young, to spend some of their free time to read this magazine from cover to cover. We welcome feedback in the Letter and Opinion sections .... Those who have a flair for writing are encouraged to submit their work. They may find a happy medium.


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