The Bird Flu: Key Facts

Medical Marijuana's Tremendous Potential for Curing Ailments
Thalidomide effect mystery solved
Help Avoid Heart Disease and Diabetes: You Are What You Eat!
World Death Toll Of a Flu Pandemic Would Be 62 Million
Bird Flu Explodes in Indonesia
Flu Vaccine Priorities Test Pandemic Planning
Bird flu case hits Czech Republic
Israel finds H5N1 in birds on two farms
Bird flu confirmed in Afghanistan
Deadly viruses mutating to infect humans at rate never seen before
First Case of Bird Flu Confirmed in Poland
France finds second bird flu case
Rapid Bird Flu Spread Alarms Global Health Experts
Deadly viruses mutating to infect humans at rate never seen before
Experts Surprised at Rapid Spread
Deadly bird flu widens its reach
India finds deadly bird flu virus
Egypt finds deadly bird flu virus
Austria finds fifth case of H5N1 in duck
Bird flu moves closer Italy confirms cases
Turks bitter as bird flu hits tourism
Bird flu hits new areas in Europe
African bird flu 'set to spread'

Bird flu virus 'close to pandemic'
The man who could save you from bird flu

* Rice blast fungus's killer gene discovered
* Using the sun to sterilise water
* Two Win Nobel Prize for Discovering Bacterium Tied to Stomach Ailments
*Scientists get £245m to revolutionise world health
*Racial Disparities in Diagnoses
* The Social Roots of Healing
*Mind and Culture Psychiatry's Missing Diagnosis
Patients' Diversity Is Often Discounted
Alternatives to Mainstream Medical Treatment Call for Recognizing Ethnic, Social Differences
*Many heart attacks 'not spotted'
*Expert fears fertility problem for 1 in 3 couples
*Sperm and eggs could be created from stem cells
*Millions of Mothers, Babies Die Needlessly
*Bird flu claims 50th Asian victim
*Decoding the Secrets of Venom
*Germs, Germs Everywhere. Are You Worried? Get Over It.
*ANC attacks US over Aids drug
*Miracle medic?
* Doctors' Healing Touch Reaches Across a Mideast Divide
*Breaking, Entering Your PC
*Energy: Meeting soaring demand
*Scientists warn of 'ethnic weapons'
New dinosaur uncovered in Brazil
How climate change can impacts on health
*Life-or-Death Question: How Supernovas Happen
*Human genome hits halfway mark
*Science breakthrough of the year: proof of our exploding universe
*Doctor 'implants cloned embryo
*New diseases pose threat to world health

*From Africa -- 2004
*Warnings About Medications' Risks Add Worry to Pain
*Acupuncture 'works for arthritis'
*Some answers for users of Celebrex
*Pfizer Says Painkiller Tied to Increased Risk of Heart Attack
*Bhopal 'faces risk of poisoning'
*US National Eating Disorder
*Euthanasia in Britain
*Reagans' Experience Alters Outlook for Alzheimer's Patients
*Eating salmon may be harmful
*New diseases pose threat to world health
*What to Do About The Flu?
*Our drugs do not work on most patients
*Invasion of the Bodysnatchers
*West Nile rife in Mexico
*Environmentalists sound alarm over man-made virus
*Brisk walk can strengthen heart
*A fifth of Europeans 'live in pain'

Grappling with AIDS
A Circle of Strength - Hope to Men Devastated by Drugs, Prison and HIV
*Brazil may break Aids drug patent
*'Indians vulnerable to HIV/Aids'
*Aids toll cuts African lifespan
*Plague on the poor: How Aids divides the world
*WHO Unveils Plan to Fight HIV and AIDS
*AIDS Blamed for Legions of Orphans in Africa
*Global HIV rates at record high
*Ask Botswana's President Festus Mogae
*West's failure on Aids 'obscene
*Aids Epidemic in Latin America & Caribbean
*HIV cases in Britain reach record
*Aids 'one of Africans' greatest fears' *Facing the cost of Aids
*Russia's Aids timebomb
*Death Watch: AIDS in Africa
*South Africa agrees to fund care for Aids victims
*AIDS Epidemic on the move – Asia next
*World AIDS Day – Mandela's plea
*India's hidden Aids epidemic: virus to infect 25m by 2010
*Indian drugs boss makes Aids treatment poor can afford

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
World Health Organization
WHO Report: Social justice is a matter of life and death
A Tall, Cool Drink of ... Sewage?
To Heal the Wounded
My Literary Malady
The minefield of medical morals
Apology Shines Light on Racial Schism in Medicine
The Story Behind Kennedy’s Surgery
You must remember this: how the mind works
We have a drinking problem, and it makes oil seem cheap
How one day we may all be eternally young
World warned over killer flu pandemic
Synthetic Marijuana as a Military Weapon?
E. Coli and You
The Chemical Industry Has a Hold on Your Reproductive Future
The Startling Truth About Doctors and Diagnostic Errors
Healing the wounds of China's quake
Tips: how to live to 100
Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World's Food System
The secret of Vanuatu's happiness
Yogi, Take Me to a Higher Place
Lotus Therapy

Doctors Reap Millions for Anemia Drugs
Vitamin pill for prostate cancer
Heavy smokers 'must quit totally'
Gene link to inflammatory bowel
How Roughage Keeps You 'Regular
A Circle of Strength - Hope to Men Devastated by Drugs, Prison and HIV
Rice blast fungus's killer gene discovered
Using the sun to sterilise water
Celebrity health - Gwyneth Lewis
Medical Boards Let Physicians Practice Despite Drug Abuse
Poor Performance Records Are Easily Outdistanced

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Coconut oil may reduce spread of HIV

Ebola death toll now 156

Potential Vaccine
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