Vol. 14 No. 9, September 2009

North and South Korea: “We want reunification but they won't let us.”
by Ivan Simic

The Mormons in Guyana
by Gokarran David Sukhdeo

UNASUR Pushes Forward with Continental Integration as Leaders Express Unease Over Colombia-US Military Pact
By Odeen Ishmael

Iran: A Nation in Turmoil
By Mohamed El-Khawas

Guns versus Butter
How Arms Sales Compete with Global Anti-Poverty Goals

By H.H. Makhlouf


Global Wildlife Conservation
by Saikat Kumar Basu


Inbreeding Effects on Finger and Palmar Dermatoglyphic Variations in Some Indian Populations – An Overview.
by Sudip Datta Banik and D.P Mukherjee

Fooled and Lured
By Roop Persaud

Health Update
Common Childhood Viruses
by Todd J. Bixby, RPh, MBA

Book Review
Environment Concerns and Perspectives
Reviewed by Sanjib Nandy

God's Servant from India: The Story of Butler Tikasingh
Reviewed by Jerome Teelucksingh

Poet's Corner
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