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The following are some of the regular contributors to the Guyana Journal.

Rev. Seopaul Singh DPA. CEM

Rev. Seopaul Singh hails from Mahaicony, Guyana.

He worked as a school teacher in Guyana. In 1966, he joined the Government Service as a Civil Servant, where he worked for twenty-two years. During this time he represented Guyana at several International Conferences on Disaster Management.

He was recruited by the International Association of Emergency Managers and concurrently by the United Nations Geneva as a Specialist in Emergency Management. He is the first and only Professional Certified Emergency Manager from Guyana and the Caribbean, one of nine in New York, gaining an Executive Citation with the C.E.M. Award.

Seopaul Singh writes regularly for the Guyana Journal on
Politics, Religion and Culture, and occasionally in other community newspapers. He is one of the Journal Advisors, as well as its Public Relations Officer.

Seopaul Singh is a founding member and the Public Relations Officer of the Association of Artists and Writers, a non profit organization based in Queens, New York.

Mr. Singh regularly updates his collection of his poems, and was first published by the American Poets Society in 1993. He was given recognition by the National Library of Poetry. In 1994, he was listed as a Lifetime Member of the International Poet's Society, USA.

Rev. Singh was ordained a Christian Minister in the USA in 1977 and in Guyana in 1979.

Dolly Z. Hassan PhD. JD

Dolly Hassan attended Saraswat, Indians and Muslim Education Trust College before migrating to the United States to join members of her family and to study in Washington, D.C.

She earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Howard University and her Ph.D. (English) from George Washington University. Her doctoral dissertation, VS. Naipaul and the West Indies, famous for its sharp analysis of Naipaul's works and for its comprehensive bibliography, has generated favorable reviews in several literary journals, and has been published. Her enthusiasm in teaching English to international students drove her—even after her doctorate—to complete a program in "Teaching English as a Second Language" at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Hassan began her multi-faceted career by teaching. Her first teaching job was at Brookwein Business Institute, Washington, D.C., where she was honored by that institution for her contribution to the education of underprivileged students. She taught English and Literature, both at Howard and George Washington Universities, and again received several awards for excellence in the profession, including a commendation for distinguished service on Howard's Academic Standards and Policy Committee.

After returning from a two-year stint, teaching English in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, she studied law, interning at the Immigrants Rights Project at the ACLU and at CIR. She was admitted to practice law in New York and a few other jurisdictions, including Washington, D.C.

When she is not busy advocating for her clients, she writes for several ethnic newspaper. In 1993, the Asian/Indian Pacific Law Students Association of CUNY Law School presented her with a plaque for her varied roles as Educator, Advocate and Author.

She is deeply committed to assisting young community based groups, such as JACSSO (Jamaican-American Cultural and Social Services Organization) which presented her with an award. She still offers pro bono services to different organizations, and has committed herself to the St. Stephen’s Church to advise on immigration matters on a monthly basis.

Currently, Dr. Dolly Hassan is the Supervising Attorney at the Liberty Center for Immigrants, Inc. in Queens, NY. Concurrently, she is also an Adjunct Professor at CUNY Law School. When she finds time she enjoys country music.

Odeen Ishmael PhD

Trained as a Geographer. Has published two books on Education. Dr. Ishmael is a prolific writer, contributing many articles in Geography and History.

He was a School Teacher prior to taking up the position as Guyana's Ambassador to the U.S. in Washington, DC in 1992. Dr. Ishmael is now Guyana's Ambassador to Venezuela.

Harry McDonald Persaud BA. DipEd

Harry McD. Persaud was born at Suddie Hospital and grew up at Spring Garden, two miles north of Supenaam on the Essequibo coast, Guyana. He taught as a Pupil Teacher at Aurora and Huist ’Dieren schools. After qualifying as a Grade 1 Class 1 Trained Teacher, he attended the University of Guyana where he majored in Geography. He further qualified professionally with a Diploma in Education (Educational Administration as the major). He acquired a wealth of knowledge in education theory and practice, having been in the profession for over forty-four years.

Harry spent some idyllic years among the Amerindians of the Central Rupununi where he was headmaster. The simplicity of culture, honesty and moral practices of the region have left indelible impressions that have served to cement a bond of relationship and love for the Amerindian way of life.

Harry likes the outdoors: hunting, fishing and travelling. He also enjoys
writing on issues that involve current interest, education, the environment and life experience stories.

Basdeo Mangru PhD

Dr. Basdeo Mangru received the B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Guyana and the Ph.D. from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He is the author of four books: Benevolent Neutrality. Indian Government Policy and Labour Migration to British Guiana, 1854-1884 (London, 1987), Indenture and Abolition. Sacrifice and Survival on the Guyanese sugar plantations (Toronto, 1993), A History of East Indian Resistance on the Guyana sugar estates, 1869-1948 (New York, 1996) and Indians in Guyana. A concise history from their arrival to the present (Chicago, 1999). He is also a co-editor of The East Indian Diaspora (New York, 1993). He has also published extensively in refereed journals and in anthologies. Dr. Mangru has won several awards and distinctions, including the Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship in the United Kingdom (1978-1981) and the Rockefeller Residency Fellowship in the Humanities, Queens College, City University of New York (1990-1991).

Dr. Mangru is currently a tenured Social Studies Teacher at John Adams High School and an Adjunct Associate Professor of History at York College, CUNY. He is, inter alia, a member of the Association of Artists and Writers and a biographee in Dictionary of International Biography and in several Marquis Who’s Who publications. He is also on the Board of Advisors of the scholarly magazine, Guyana Journal. Dr. Mangru’s main research interest centers on the migration and conditions of Indian sugar workers in the Caribbean, particularly Guyana in the 19th and 20th Century.

David Gokarran Sukhdeo BSc. MA

From Wales, Guyana, David Gokarran Sukhdeo, second of eight siblings, obtained higher education through diligence and sacrifice. He received his BSc (Econs) from the University of Guyana and his MA (Psychology) from Brooklyn College (CUNY).

In Guyana, he taught school for eleven years, eight of which at Enterprise. He then served as an Economist for two years. After leaving the shores of Guyana, he spent the next eight years mastering the skills of a construction laborer. In 1993, he became a Social Worker with the New York City Administration for Children's Services and now functions in a supervisory capacity with this agency.

He is the author of The Silver Lining, published in 1998, which won the Guyana Prize for Literature (first book category) in that year. In the novel, the character of Billy Deen was created to show the value of diligence, perseverance and sacrifice, and the ultimate silver lining at the end of every dark cloud.

David is a book reviewer, and writes on community-related matters.
Joseph Whittington EdD

The eldest of 19 children, Joseph A. Whittington had plenty of teacher-training opportunities in Guyana, where he was born during WWII. Although he never attended high school, he studied at the University of Manitoba and Fordham University, where he is completed a Doctorate. He has won numerous awards for his poetry, including the National Library of Poetry Editor's Choice Award (1993) and Poet of the Year semi-finalist (1994), and was recognized to be within the top 2% of poets in 1995. He was honored with a nomination for Poet of the Year (1995) by the international Society of Poets.

Dr. Whittington is a teacher in the Public Schools in New York City. He contributes poetry and also writes on education.
Mirza I. Rahman, MD, MPH.

Professional experience
Dr. Rahman is the Worldwide Vice President responsible for Health Economics and Reimbursement in the Evidence Based Medicine Department at Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics. Prior to this, he was a Senior Director and head of the Health Economics & Clinical Outcomes Research group in the Medical Affairs Department at Centocor, Inc. Previously, Dr. Rahman served as a Director in the Benefit-Risk Management Department at Johnson & Johnson where his primary responsibility was to support the Biologics and Cardiovascular Therapeutic Areas as the Safety Surveillance physician for a number of products.

Additionally, Dr. Rahman serves as a volunteer Attending Physician preceptor in the Bryn Mawr Family Practice Residency Program and is an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacoepidemiology in the Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs Graduate Program at the Temple University School of Pharmacy. Dr. Rahman also serves as the voluntary medical editor for the monthly Guyana Journal, a periodical published in New York City.

Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Rahman was a Director at Merck & Co., Inc. in the Medical Services, Merck Manuals, and Worldwide Product Safety & Epidemiology Departments. In the Medical Services Department at Merck & Co., Inc., Dr. Rahman was the US Medical & Scientific Affairs liaison to the Vaccines & Manufacturing Divisions, with global responsibility for medical review of quality assurance issues, plus he had responsibility for the Manufacturing Division’s Complaint Unit. Dr. Rahman was also responsible for developing medical content for MerckMedicus.com, an Internet portal developed by Merck. As a member of the Medical-Legal Board at Merck, Dr. Rahman was involved in the review of promotional materials for several products.

Before joining Merck & Co., Inc., Dr. Rahman was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, with a joint appointment in the Ireland Cancer Research Center, and the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. There, in addition to being an active clinician, Dr. Rahman was the Director of Research (Department of Family Practice) and the Director, Office of Public Health Communications (Institute for Public Health Sciences) for the MetroHealth Medical Center. Preceding this, he served as the Medical Director of the Tri-Community Health Center in Suffolk County, NY.

Education & Training
Dr. Rahman graduated from the 7-year BS/MD Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City College of New York, earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Stony Brook School of Medicine, and earned his Master of Public Health degree from the Columbia University School of Public Health.

He completed a residency in Family Medicine, serving as Chief Resident, before completing a second residency in Public Health & General Preventive Medicine, all at the Stony Brook School of Medicine. Dr. Rahman is a Fellow of both the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American College of Preventive Medicine.
Mar. 2008
Mel Carpen BA. MS. Dip.Mgt

Mel Carpen, who writes on political, social and historical issues, is also the New Jersey Representative of the Guyana Journal. His roots are in Hampshire, Corentyne, Guyana. He attended the Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) prior to working with the Guyana Graphic, S. Wreford and Co (Esso), and the Guyana Civil Service. In Guyana he was also a member of the PPP and, at one time, President of the Synodical Luther League.

Mel moved to the USA in 1972 where he attended college and graduate school. He became politically active in the then growing Guyanese community in the USA. He was a member of the original PPP support group in the USA, the Committee for Democracy and Majority Rule in Guyana. He was also active in the US Peace Council, the Amalgamated Clothing and Textiles Workers' Union, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Committee for a Free Guyana. Mel is also a past President of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in East Orange, New Jersey. He is Chairman of the US Chapter of the BEI International Association, and also a member of the Hampshire Reunion Committee. He is President of the ACG-New Jersey.

Mel is self-employed, and resides in West Orange, NJ with his wife and their two daughters.