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Selling Your Book?

Read the Agreement

Books, CD, DVD Listing For Sale On Guyana Journal

This Agreement outlines the relationship between the author, singer, musician, producer, or other legally authorized person or entity (hereinafter referred to as ‘seller’) and Guyana Journal.

Guyana Journal will accept materials on a Consignment basis.

1. The seller would send an initial 5 books, DVD or music CDs, etc. to Guyana Journal to be used as stock.
2. Guyana Journal would list the material on its website and display a price, including shipping and handling for prospects to buy.
3. When the money is received from a purchaser by Guyana Journal, the book would be shipped to the purchaser by Guyana Journal.
4. The author would receive a remittance according to the formula defined below.
5. When the payment is received by seller, additional books, CDs, etc. will be sent to Guyana Journal to replenish the stock.

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time, in writing (by letter or via email), in which case all stock materials will be shipped back to the author. The party requesting the termination shall bear the cost of shipping and handling.

Guyana Journal will issue receipts of transactions and the seller will make due acknowledgement.

Each book, DVD or CD will have cover photos accompanied by a brief description. This will be provided by the seller. If there is a review, appropriate link will be made only if duly authorized by the reviewer/publisher and seller. The reference information (ISBN number etc.) will be listed, if present. The sale price will also be listed.

The following pricing formula will apply:

Buyer's Price = Seller's cost + Guyana Journal markup + Shipping/handling

As follows:

Guyana Journal markup = 20% of Seller's Cost; minimum US$3.00
Shipping/handling = going rate for regular mail by US Post based on destination, and package, weight and size. (If out of the U.S. there is additional cost for shipping.)

The seller may not unfairly sell or compete with Guyana Journal at a lower price than Guyana Journal.

All transaction pricing will be in US currency.

Should the seller choose to be paid using a money order, there will be a surcharge of US$1.50.

Particulars of Seller

Author's Name ___________________________________________________

Address Line 1 ___________________________________________________

Address Line 2 ___________________________________________________

Telephone ________________________Fax____________________________

Email Address ____________________________________________________

Name of Book, CD or Other _________________________________________

Author's Cost = US$__________________ Number of Copies _____________


Seller's Signature ________________________________ Date______________
(or Representative)

Materials received in good condition and for sale on Guyana Journal website per this Agreement.

Guyana Journal ________________________________________ Date ________________
(Gary Girdhari or Representative)

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