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Tribute to our beloved father Dr. C.B. Jagan
By Khaleel Mohamed

GuyanaJournal, March 2017

Out of the dark night of colonialism

Rose a shining star

Streaking across the sky

Lighting the way to the dawn of a new day

Setting fire to the intellect of the downtrodden,

The poor and the disdained

Tearing down the walls of prejudice and injustice.


Father, you have forged a country, a nation,

On the anvil of your imagination.

We are proud to proclaim to the world

We are your children.


The inevitable sweeping tide of fate

Now leaves us bereft of your presence.

We are sad, father.

We shed tears for you.


The great ones are eulogizing you.

Listen, father, there is an echo of your loss

Reverberating around the world.

They, too, share our sorrow.


Father, we promise not to grieve,

Not to despair,                                                       

But to build a monument to your towering strength

That will last beyond time.

Rest in peace, father.

By Khalleel Mohamed

Scarborough, Ontario