Guyana Journal, April 2009
Sometimes it’s not so smooth
But very rude and very crude
Saying, “pollute me and you’ll see?
And woe unto evil man’s hypocrisy
I will send my tsunamis far up
From your coast to your hill top
Then next I’m calm with the children
And allow others to be able fishermen
Or deliver a message to a lover or girl
In a bottle the other side of the worl’
Like a mother my vast oceans feed
Mankind with her crustaceous need
Man has polluted Mother earth already
With their poison belching machinery
He’s trying to do the same with ease
With the five oceans and many seas
His oil spills are all over
As innocent sea-life cower
Trying to float and lick
Off the black thick slick
He’s destroys everything he gets
Turtles caught in old gill nets
Sharks got tangled in fishing gear
And man continues without any fear
Man has no pity and makes no apology
For killing off the weed eating manatee
He uses the oceans like a slump
For his own waste disposal dump
Bottles, cans the bloody plastic he can’t keep
He let it go down, float and some go very deep
My rough waters as in Katrina
As you have seen in Louisiana
I showed man he can’t escape from his sins
I did go berserk and raised his old coffins
They blamed it on Bush and angry Katrina
But it was the wrath of Nature our Mother
So many time and time again
I show I too can be insane
Show respect to my land
Or you will join the band
A paradise to beachcombers who find heir goods
Treasure of shells, stones, coins and hard woods
Which get preserved with the salt water
And become more expensive and better
Like the greenheart packed in blocks
Are used for our wharves and docks
In seawater they become more sturdy
And ideal for uses in places watery
You have deforested the trees to build your cities
Your experts and pencil pushers show your frailties
The waters of the oceans and seas
Give life to boaters and shippers
Most or all the Riverian farms rely on this
Without my tides there would be no bliss
It’s Mother Nature’s switch
A fail safe to prevent a hitch
Some of us feel we have the right
Do anything cause we have might
Like we did with our global pollution
Like our present financial depression
We belittle the melting of the ice-cap
And end up with a very bad severe rap
Now we have a punctured ozone layer
And now we suffer with bad weather
Now we have unforeseen flooding
Losing crops due to weather changing
Death and destruction of our vital flora
Eruption of new viruses and extinct fauna
We are in dire need
Or else we’ll bleed
Better husbandry to value life’s worth
And protecting life here on this earth
Or we’ll go the same way without a word
Just like some frogs and the do do bird

– Naraine Datt
I see folks’ children demand every cent
And their parents always very hell bent
In giving them every new toy they want
Or appease them with a fancy restaurant
They feel they can always buy them
But that never solves the problem
As Churchill once said
Before he was put to bed
Even if you appease an alligator
He’ll eat you at last much later
Some prefer to buy the love of their children
They do the same when they become men
They will buy the whole shop
And even work until they drop
But would never spend quality times
To read them their nursery rhymes
They would buy the latest gadget
Selling million dollars of widget
They go to church pray to the one above
But too busy with golf to show some love
The may work for a salary or wage
Too busy working for the mortgage
Never have time to see their kids in a play
But always have some lame excuses to say
And the kids really got hurt
They feel they are not worth
The love of either parents
And they do rebel hence
More work for the experts of the mind
Psychiatrists, physicians who unwind
These poor souls into category
All in the name of psychology
They forget you can’t buy back your life
You have one life to live as man and wife
Every day counts live it forget the roaming
The buck stops here dummy stop passing
It on to the government or school
It is in your own backyard fool
Forget the daily highball and try to mend
For each day brings you near to your end
 – Naraine Datt

Considering “Empire”

Warm, always warm
every day, warm
not hot, never hot, warm
everyday, warm
every night

A bird, not an eagle
dozes on a railing,
a suspended railing
in danger of melting
into the smoky milk
of a triumphal arch

while smaller beings
too new to remember cold
poke, scamp about in yellow light,
and plot.

Los Angeles
Originally published by "Writing For Human Rights" at www.protestpoems.org, February, 2009.
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