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Values Matter: The Plight of the Guyana Opposition!
By Kenneth Persaud

Guyana Journal, January 2012

The Guyana minority did what every losing side does after an elections: It complains of unfairness in the poll; it calls out some people in the streets for something, no matter how nebulous; it makes some lofty demands no matter how outlandish. In this sense the Guyana Opposition (the majority) has done pretty well.

And to appear more militant our guys have been doing more politics, they have been making a lot of noise about the appointment of a Speaker: now Tom, then Dick, and then Harry. Way to go!

The majority opposition, APNU, will fail, and fall as time progresses. As I recall, APNU was an agglomeration of several groups hastily put together to overcome the PPP's voting strength at the elections. It reminds one of the relation between cults and a coven, each for itself and none for the whole.

Parenthetically: What is a cult? Here's the best definition given by a famous scholar:
"A cult is a group or movement exhibiting a great or excessive devotion or dedication to some person, idea or thing and employing unethically manipulative techniques of persuasion and control designed to advance the goals of the group's leaders to the actual or possible detriment of members, their families, or the community."

Point 1. Recall that for the cults, their raison d'etre was to defeat the PPP. They were devoted to the cause and dedicated to Granger for the overthrow of the PPP. Having fulfilled that mission (albeit without success) and true to cultist behavior, they will call for their rewards – nothing to do with politics or the coven's cause. In any case, and not having the whole pie, the laurels are too meager for wanton distribution. Brig. Granger as leader of the coven is placed in tight situation – the pie is not sufficient. And the cults having realized they made a bad deal, in their estimation, return to their core values and in their cove to weep forever and ever. Poor folks, they were expecting at least a tiny ounce if not a pound of flesh! And, Granger has lost about half his coven.

Point 2: APNU, at its very inception, having divorced itself from the core values of the PNC, has transformed itself into something else. Mere observation tells you that APNU has morphed into what an earlier commentator has called yardfowlism, that is, something antithetical to the core beliefs of a staunch Guyanese people. [A yardfowl is a person who believes he is better fitted than the natives of the country to govern. He is ideologically committed to a foreign state. (But, our natives, having passed thru the schools of Jagan, Burnham and Rodney, are fitfully nationalist, and passionately patriotic.) Yardfowlism of the Leaders is a hated, even criminal project in the politics of the ancestral self. Probably some schooling is needed from the Headmaster Eusi Kwayana]. And, the cults, faithful to their core beliefs, and finding yardfowlism repugnant to their value system, will eventually walk, if they have not done so already. This time, not an ounce of flesh was oozed out from the yard fowls who have hijacked the party the cults had hastily joined. That's the naked truth (pun intended). Mathematically speaking, APNU is now reduced one-third its original coven.

Point 3: In order to entice a now severely fractured outfit, carrots have to be waved left, right and center to those remaining in the coven. And core members of the original PNC, people with legislative acumen, people with a dedication to the values of their party, the PNC, will have to be sacrificed in order to woo the newer cultists to Granger's coven.

The PNC is dead as a doornail, at any future elections in Guyana. And Corbin, the Mugabe of the PNC, will tell you that Granger is no glue to cement the remnants of an APNU coven.

APNU has already outlived its life. Who in her/his right senses can see Granger make sense as Leader of His Excellency the President's Loyal Opposition, Legislator and Chief Whip? Maybe, as a Colonel, Granger may have been able to whip up his troops to his dictat, right or wrong, but can he do so in a hung Parliament with a motley group of “followers”, the remnants of APNU? No wonder he really needs a Speaker of his own ilk; he needs to be baby-sitted, on the job.

Point 4: Like a decrepit coven, APNU has committed hara-kiri, and it has taken the PNC with it. The coven has devoured itself its cults! Memories of the Rev. Jim Jones? Guyana pon top!