If MLK Were Around ... He'd Be Talking About Poverty
US liberals have lost their thunder
Clinton's tough talk on Iran - a plan for war
If MLK Were Around ... He'd Be Talking About Poverty
America's socialism for the rich
Populism is not a style, it's a people's rebellion against corporate power
Is the U.S. on the Brink of Fascism?
Do we really need to ban plastic bags?
Climate change – start with the easy bits: war toys
A green deal for Africa: Violence, disease and drought can be averted
Populism is not a style, it's a people's rebellion against corporate power
Can vegetarians save the world?
Bernie Madoff: a most-needed and convenient distraction.
The Art of Political Distraction
Global Warming: If we behave as if it's too late, then our prophecy is bound to come true
Bank Bailout is Criminal - Investigation overdue
The Real Scandal of AIG
Time to change 'climate change'
Fighting Back in America's 30-Year Class War
Enough banker welfare. Hand out cash and make us spend it
Wars, Endless Wars
AIG Bailed Out Again, but Endless Fire-Drills Don't Put Out Fires
The Ecstasy and the Agony
Toilet Paper and Other Moral Choices
A Pandemic of Economic Violence
What Iran’s Jews Say
The fight that is never done
The Invisible War
Bad News From America’s Top Spy
Why the Muslim World Can’t Hear Obama
Slumdogs Unite!
Stopping Wall Street's Culture of Excess
Why protesters are now stalkers
IRAQ WAR – Bush's War Totals
Bailouts for Bunglers
Most Loathsome People of 2008
End of the age of excess
The seeds of Latin America's rebirth were sown in Cuba
Obama the imperialist
American Torturers Home and Abroad
A Revolution in Spirit – The economic crisis requires a radical response--not revved-up consumerism.
No Time for Poetry
A decisive loss for Israel
An Atheist's View on the Inauguration
Dr. King’s Last Birthday
White Like Me
•'War on terror' was a mistake, says Miliband
Eight Years of Madoffs
On Gaza: The time of the righteous
Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction
Body Count Nation
The Monstrosity of War
The Obama stimulus package– Robots, Not Roads
10 Reasons To Be Hopeful About 2009 -- and 3 Reasons To Be Terrified
Obama and American liberals inheriting Bush's blinkers
Iranians Ponder Their Future With an Obama Administration
UK: Energy firms' profits are unearned. It's a windfall. Now share it
Rich countries once used gunboats to seize food. Now they use trade deals
The Housing Bubble Villains Deny Responsibility
In Europe, as in Asia, Nato leaves a trail of catastrophe
Dissent Is Essential to Democracy. So why are people being arrested for lawful protest?
Mr. Mukasey in Denial
When your skin is just too dark
Broken Justice in Indian Country
The lies of Hiroshima live on -- we must not allow a nuclear repeat in the Middle East
The stakes could not be higher. Everything hinges on stopping coal
Greed has brought us here, fairness must lead us out
Harvesting Money in a Hungry World
Can This Planet Be Saved?
The way to tackle fuel poverty
We lie and bluster about our nukes - and then wag our fingers at Iran
We have a drinking problem, and it makes oil seem cheap
Global warming is a brutal truth
This muddled terror law limits free speech and wrecks innocent lives
Madness and Shame
Failing Zimbabwe
Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column?
The Pain of the G-8’s Big Shrug
The G8 countries may run the old world economy. But it's the new one that matters
We must address poverty, wars – and female bishops
Man-Made Hunger
The Truth Commission
Big Oil's Iraq deals are the greatest stick-up in history
The U.S. Is Drowning in Pretend Patriotism
From triumph to torture
What is keeping oil prices so high?
When loyalty gets the better of morality
Power vs. poverty
The Poverty of Reaganism-Bushism
The Real Story Behind the Midwest Floods? Climate Change
Mr. Bush v. the Bill of Rights
After 75 Years, the Working Poor Still Struggle for a Fair Wage
The tragic legacy of a disastrous president
42 days? Try 18 months
The flailed, failed state
Politics and Hunger
Scrutiny is a vital lever of democracy
The Truth About the War
What Obama Overcame
We must talk to the enemy
The Science of Denial
Cowardice of silence
The Worst Way of Farming
What George Forgot
The world must end its addiction to oil
The empire’s hypocritical politics. Questions for Obama

An Empire for Poor Working Women, Guided by a Gandhian Approach
John Updike’s Mighty Pen
Randy Pausch, 47, Dies; His ‘Last Lecture’ Inspired Many to Live With Wonder
Jesse Helms, American Bigot
Mildred Loving, matriarch of interracial marriage, dies
Remembering Aimé Césaire
Edward N. Lorenz, a Meteorologist and a Father of Chaos Theory
Like servants below stairs, we all have tales of Naipaul's rudeness
The dying man who taught America how to live
Arthur C Clarke dies at 90
Pride and prejudice - V S Naipaul
Anything for an unquiet life
The prisoner of Dhaka
David Attenborough - A natural phenomenon
Castro: his last battle
Baba Amte, 93, Dies; Advocate for Lepers
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
A Statesman Without Borders
Doctor Brilliant
Norman Mailer Dies at 84

The secret life of numbers. How do you spark off an interest in maths
How the web is undermining reading
?Higher Learning Adapts To a Greening Attitude
Louisiana’s Latest Assault on Darwin
A revolution in teaching promises the solution to dyslexia

Books. Plays. Movies
Charles Darwin, Abolitionist
For India's real slumdogs, dream of a better life is not just something in the movies
Sanitation: Creating a stink about the world's wastewater
This much I know: Deepak Chopra
India's writers tell Aids stories
Meet the rich - The gap between rich and poor is wider than ever
Irshad Manji: A fierce critic of her religion
Madness and Shame
E. Coli and You
Falling out with the President: the devious world of George Bush
Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It
Moyers: 'Democracy in America Is a Series of Narrow Escapes, and We May Be Running Out of Luck'
Into the heart of his darkness
In Search of a Lost Africa
Like servants below stairs, we all have tales of Naipaul's rudeness
The End of Empire?
Dumb and Dumber: Are Americans Hostile to Knowledge?
The Naked Man: 'We'd be better off if women ran everything'
Who really freed America's slaves?
The Indian Clerk
The Shock Doctrine
The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy
The Terror Presidency: Conscience of a Conservative

Food for Thought
Easter: Celebrating the Hope of Salvation?
The rise and rise of atheism
Populism is not a style, it's a people's rebellion against corporate power
3 Silly Religious Beliefs Held By Non-Silly People
America's socialism for the rich
Reimagining Socialism
Do we really need to ban plastic bags?
The False Idol of Unfettered Capitalism
Global Warming: If we behave as if it's too late, then our prophecy is bound to come true
How to understand people
Toilet Paper and Other Moral Choices
A Pandemic of Economic Violence
Science is just one gene away from defeating religion
Defying Darwin
Why Do People Believe in God?
Elevating Science, Elevating Democracy
Behold! The Jewish Jesus
Why Belief Isn't That Different for Atheists or Religious People
Why Atheism May Be the Best Way to Understand God
We're Witnessing the Return of Religion as a Principle Cause of Warfare
Is religion a threat to rationality and science?
Master of his universe: an interview with Stephen Hawking
On the Origin of Species
It is possible to be moral without God'
I became a Zen Buddhist nun
How one day we may all be eternally young
Assisted Suicide of Healthy 79-Year-Old Renews German Debate on Right to Die
Can Weeds Help Solve the Climate Crisis?
Culture conundrum
Childish superstition: Einstein's letter makes view of religion relatively clear
Soldier Sues Army, Saying His Atheism Led to Threats
Punctuation: does it matter?
In search of the perfect battery
Anger and understanding
The future of the world, in 23 pages
Mind your manners
Does Death Penalty Save Lives? A New Debate
Sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit: the men who lived to tell the tale
From Popper to Rove - and back
In DNA Era, New Worries About Prejudice
We can best stop terror by civil, not military, means
The Perils of Petrocracy
Mumia Abu-Jamal: Life on death row
What is transcendental meditation, and is it the cure for society's ills?
The good life of the Auschwitz guards
How the neoliberals stitched up the wealth of nations for themselves
Stuff and nonsense
India's secret history: 'A holocaust, one where millions disappeared...'
Sixty bitter years after Partition
The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Forgotten man lay dead in flat for six years
No home fit for heroes
The myth of dying
Home truths
The greatest tragedy of our time
An Old Dogma's New Twist
Beggar, Serf, Soldier, Child
She didn't deserve this
The Arrogance Of Power
Roots of a conflict in Sudan
Streets of despair
The Genesis Project
Nigerian reconciliation
Convention of Hate
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power
The Bushes and the Saudi Royal Family
The Unknown Genocide
Struggling To Love Children of Hate
When Prosecutors Err, Others Pay the Price
Looking back at Rwanda genocide
Rwanda 10 years later
Rememdering Rwanda Genocide
When good men do nothing
The damage done
Beware instant democracy
Starved of the truth
Blair's 'international community' doctrine
Witness to the Betrayal
Free Market: Our most dangerous export
Feel guilt. Then move on
Bush 'betrayed us' , says Gore
They Rape Babies also


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