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Fooled and Lured

By Roop Persaud
Guyana Journal, July 2009

Fooled and lured, lied to and manipulated, they left India for the “West Indies” in contract (“bounded”) for three to five years. Some returned to India while the majority remained. They then built temples and mosques to “hear” the “word of God.” They “heard” the same “words of God” in India and now, in the “West Indies” (actually the Caribbean) they continued/continue to want to “hear” and to “hear” the “words of God” - they just want to “hear” - not to learn or to practice!

While they were/are hearing the “words of God” the white British “masters” ruled them and abused them…according to them! They continue to “hear” the “words of God” then and now!

At some point in time they rallied with people of African origin who were actively engaging the white British “masters” in a battle for social and political freedom. The people of African origin were listening to and were putting into practice the “words of God” as it was preached from a Christian point of view. The white British were identified and characterized as the “devil” and this “devil” must be removed, if not destroyed! They continued to only “hear” the “words of God” and to practice none!

While they were “hearing” the “words of God” the white British “masters” and the said people of African origin concocted a political brew which their Horatio accepted for and on their behalf, which said brew resulted in their revered “leader” being out maneuvered from governing them. He was replaced by the group of primarily people of African origin with a “leader” from the said such group!

While they were hearing the “words of God” the Black British Masters” ruled them and abused them…according to them! They continue to “hear” the “words of God” then and now!

Typical of them, rather than engage in a struggle for social and political justice (since they claimed and continue to claim that they have these needs and that these same such needs were/are being denied them) they took to flight to another part of the world. They left the Caribbean, for the United States of America and Canada in significant numbers!

Again, as in the “West Indies” (actually the Caribbean) and here in the USA and Canada they are building their temples and mosques to “hear” the “words of God.” I guess that they have not “heard” the “words of God” enough in India, in the Caribbean, they have to “hear” these same “words of God” here in North America!

Here in North America they have amassed “illustrious heroes and leaders” whom they adore and praise (rather than give all praise to God) and listen to religiously in their temples and mosques, at funerals, via radio and TV broadcasts, to whom they give substantial donations in not-for-profit organizations while they continue to complain to and among themselves that their rights are being denied them. How new or different is this from their behavior and experience in India, in the Caribbean or here in North America? The same people continue to do the same thing in the same way but are expecting different results! Will they ever realize that social and political justice MUST be fought for because there will always be a group that will deny or take away any rights to social and political justice? A fair and just society does NOT JUST HAPPEN; there is NEED to participate in and contribute to its continuous development. Are they being fooled OR are they fooling themselves? Either way some fooling is going on!