As the Global Elite Enjoys Their Champagne and Caviar, Inequality Worsens
America Didn’t “End” Slavery After the Civil War – Simply Exported It
Rise in diabetes and NCDs linked to climate change
Iraq: Ten Years, a Million Lives and Trillions of Dollars Later
US Overseas Arms Sales More Than Tripled in 2011
Beware of the Genetic Tomato Tamperers
Bosons and bankers: What's up, God?
Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war
In Memory:
By Paul N Tennassee

Tribute to our beloved father Dr. C.B. Jagan
By Khaleel Mohamed

For President Barack Obama – Dared To Hope
By James Richmond

For Veterans Day
by Evan G. Gluba

Humanity Self-Inflicted Wounds
by Hany H. Makhlouf, Ph.D.

Power Politics, Regime Change, and the Demise of the PPPC
by Gary Girdhari

Syria’s Sectarian Conflict: A Proxy War
By Mohamed El-Khawas

Guyana Elections; Reasons Why Guyanese Must Vote – With Their Conscience
by Gary Girdhari

Managing Public Mental Health: Locally & Globally
By Lisa A. Burton

50 Years after the Civil Rights Act
Remembering James Meredith
By Sophia A. Gluba

Fragments from Memory
General Nguyen Giap – Military Genius
By Moses V. Nagamootoo

UNASUR confronts integration hurdles
By Odeen Ishmael

The Memory of Walter Rodney
by Gary Girdhari

Walter Rodney Memories are Upsetting
by Gary Girdhari

if only the gods were awake by Gary Girdhari
Reviewed by Gokarran D. Sukhdeo

Indians Attitude To Education During And Immediately After The Indentureship Period In British Guiana (Now Guyana)
By Harry Thakur Hergash


By Paul N. Tennassee

Contradictions In Shared Governance
Paul Ryan vs. President Obama

Paul N. Tennassee

In Recognition of a Guyanese Grassroots Patriot – Wendell George

New Book – The Guyana Story by Odeen Ishmael

By Maria Soledad Arroyo

International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Argentina
A Current Problem

By María Zubizarreta

Mali: In the Eye of the Storm
By Mohamed El-Khawas

Forbes List of the Most Powerful People
A Big Deception

by Ivan Simic

A Focus on Counterterrorism Efforts in the Maritime Sector
by de Lesa Hanson

UNASUR proposes single South American citizenship
By Odeen Ishmael

Book Reviews – Biofuels
by S. K Basu

Terrorism and Guyana
By Gokarran D. Sukhdeo

The Shooting of Pakistani Teen Activist Malala Yousafzai
By Roop Misir

October 5th FYI to be remembered

Sustainable Agriculture Reviews 4: Genetic Engineering, Biofertilisation, Soil Quality and Organic Farming by Eric Lichtfouse
Reviewed by S. K Basu, X. Chen and M. Asif

UNASUR applies “democracy clause” on Paraguay
By Odeen Ishmael

Book Review: Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility Manual
by J. Benton Jones, Jr.

Reviewed by S. K Basu, X. Chen and M. Asif

Income Inequality: Does it really matter?
By Nadeen H. Makhlouf

UNASUR Advances Defence Transparency and Energy Integration
By Odeen Ishmael

Datura: A Deadly Deliriant
By A. Basu and S.K. Basu

Guyana Politics
Follow-up to Gokarran's thesis: Jagdeo was Burnham incarnate
By Kenneth Persaud

The specter and culture of Jagdeoism
By Gokarran D. Sukhdeo

Multi-National Corporations – “It is Easier to Cope With a Bad Conscience Than With a Bad Reputation”
By Negin Nazi

Guyana: In the matter of Speaker: Is the leadership of APNU up to job ahead?
By Harry Thakur Hergash

Guyana: Values Matter – The Plight of the Guyana Opposition!
By Kenneth Persaud

Libya's Revolution: A Work in Progress
By Mohamed El-Khawas

The election results provide a great opportunity for the parties to work together in the national interest
By Harry Thakur Hergash

Diwali in My Village
Looking Back Not So Long Ago

By Gary Girdhari

Egypt's Liberation: A Push for Democracy
By Mohamed El-Khawas

A Comprehensive Approach to Deal with the Increasing Traffic Fatalities in Guyana
By Harry Thakur Hergash

A Paradigm Shift for Nurses and Nursing Education
By Anne Marie Jean-Baptiste

The Origin Of The USA Crisis And The Impact On The World Economy: More And Better Jobs
By Paul N. Tennassee

Challenges of Future Farming With a Global Perspective
By Saikat K. Basu

UNASUR’s Treaty Becomes Legally Binding
By Odeen Ishmael

Interview With Prospective Presidential Candidate
Mr. Moses V. Nagamootoo, MP

Policy Brief
By Selvon M. Waldron

June 13 Murder: Walter Rodney

The Diasporic Indian 172 Years After

The Major D.G. Pitcher Report
By Basdeo Mangru

US to Allies: “No More, From now on, the US Armed Forces are for Rent Only
By Ivan Simic

Iran and Pakistan: Terrorism States or Victims of Terrorism?
By Ivan Simic

Health Update
Strychnos nux vomica: A Fatal Convulsant
By Avik Basu and Saikat Kumar Basu

Medical Botany
Can Consumption of Wheat Lead to Malabsorption?

By Avik Basu and Saikat Kumar Basu

Breast Cancer Screening
By Kimberly Siu, MD, MPH

Irrigation and Wildlife: Challenges and Opportunities
by Saikat K. Basu

Book Reviews
Advanced Analytics For Green And Sustainable Economic Development: Supply Chain Models And Financial Technologies” edited by Prof. Z. Luo
Review by S. K Basu, X. Chen and M. Asif

ADVANCES IN PLANT DISEASE MANAGEMENT by Hung-Chang Huang and Surya N. Acharya (Eds)
Reviewed by S. K Basu

Molecular Plant Breeding by Yunbi Xu
Reviewed by
A. Kamran, M. Asif and S. K Basu

Negotiating Cultural Diversity: An Ethnographic Portrait of Framing Clients and Culture in a Community Health Center in the Canadian Prairies by Manju P. Acharya
Reviewed by S. K Basu

if only the gods were awake by Gary Girdhari
Reviewed by Gokarran D. Sukhdeo

Spices: The Elixir of Life by A. K. De
Reviewed by M.A. Khan

Outgrowing the Earth: The Food Security Challenges in an Age of Falling Water Tables and Rising Temperatures by L. R. Brown
Reviewed by Saikat K. Basu

For the Love of Alberta: Ways to Save your Natural Heritage by Lesley Patricia Curthoys
Reviewed by Saikat K. Basu

if only the gods were awake
by Gary Girdhari

Environment Education: Global Issues and Policies (Volumes I & II). Edited by Saikat Kumar Basu and Sudip Datta Banik.
Reviewed by Prof. M. Azim Khan

Cyril Dabydeen, Unanimous Night
Reviewed by Stan Persaud

Datta Banik, S. and Basu, S. K. (eds.): Environmental Challenges of the 21st Century
Reviewed by Pradip Sarkar
Short Stories

La-Bas! La-Bas! – The Sixties Saints
By Desmond Thomas

Passenger Talk
By Desmond Thomas

Chasing Colin Low
By Etwaria Singh

Poet's Corner
Ode to Pandit Ramlall

Thought of The Day
WikiLeaks: To Tell the Truth
The left has to start asserting its own values
Gandhi, Hinduism and Non-Violence
The Myth Of A 'Christian Nation'
Yes, Iraq was a headline war – a trillion-dollar catastrophe.
Zen and the art of protecting the planet
Is Buddhism a Religion?
The oil firms' profits ignore the real costs
How the Tea Partiers Are Getting Screwed by Their Own Ideology
Why Are We Afraid of Saying "Socialism"?

Be Alert . Connect to the World

New Science on How to Prevent and Treat Cancer

Fossil skeletons may belong to an unknown human ancestor

Janna Levin probes whether the universe is finite or infinite transcript; Or listen (mp3)
Rise of the Superbugs – why we are at risk?

Secrets that giant food companies don't want you to know.

Ten Things You Can Do to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Climate sceptics are recycled critics of controls on tobacco and acid rain

US liberals have lost their thunder

3 Silly Religious Beliefs Held By Non-Silly People

Feeding the World
Origins of Life

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Book Reviews
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